Policies & Procedures


The majority of Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board policies are developed and agreed on a pan-Hampshire (‘4LSAB’) basis, so that policies are consistent across the Portsmouth, Southampton, Hampshire and Isle of Wight areas.

Safeguarding Adults Multi-Agency Policy, Process and Guidance – UPDATED (October 2023)

Safeguarding Concerns Guidance

Multi-Agency Risk Management Framework (see also Quick Guide to the Multi-Agency Risk Management Framework) – UPDATED (July 2023)

Tools to support the Multi-Agency Risk Management Framework:

Multi-Agency Fire Safety Framework

Multi-Agency Guidance on Responding to Self-Neglect and Persistent Welfare Concerns

Safeguarding Adults Review Policy

Multi-Agency Learning and Development Strategy for Safeguarding Adults

Multi-Agency Information Sharing Guidance

Multi-Agency Guidance on Honour Based Abuse, Forced Marriage and FGM

Escalation Protocol (see also One Minute Guide to the Escalation Protocol) – UPDATED (July 2023)

Framework for Managing Allegations Against People in a Position of Trust

Multi-Agency Hoarding Guidance

Family Approach Protocol (see also the Family Approach toolkit for practitioners).

Multi-agency framework for managing risk and safeguarding people moving into adulthood

Homelessness – 4LSAB Housing Practitioner Briefing

Multi-agency guidance on Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking (see also the Modern Slavery Victim Pathway)

Large Scale S42 Safeguarding Enquiry Protocol

4LSAB Guidance on Safeguarding Adults in Commissioned Services

Safer Recruitment Guidance – NEW! (July 2023)

4LSAB Guidance on Prevention and Early Intervention in Adult Safeguarding – Updated! (Dec 2023)

4LSAB/HIPS Practice Guidance: Adults who Disclose Non-recent Sexual Abuse – NEW! (Feb 2024) – please note this document is in draft but has been approved for use


Safeguarding Adults: raising a concern form

PCC Safeguarding Concern Form

Use this form for current safeguarding concerns (to be submitted to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub).