Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence or abuse

Domestic violence or abuse can be characterised by any of these indicators of abuse:
• psychological
• physical
• sexual
• financial
• emotional.

Domestic violence and abuse is a pattern of behaviour designed to achieve power and control over a partner or ex-partner. This is achieved through the use of physical, sexual, psychological and financial abuse or through movement restriction and/or social isolation eg stopping you from seeing your family and or friends. It also includes so called ‘honour’ -based violence, female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

Coercive or controlling behaviour is a core part of domestic violence.

Coercive behaviour can include:
• acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation
• harming, punishing, or frightening the person
• isolating the person from sources of support
• exploitation of resources or money
• preventing the person from escaping abuse
• regulating everyday behaviour.

Possible indicators of domestic violence or abuse
• Low self-esteem
• Feeling that the abuse is their fault when it is not
• Physical evidence of violence such as bruising, cuts, broken bones
• Verbal abuse and humiliation in front of others
• Fear of outside intervention
• Damage to home or property
• Isolation – not seeing friends and family
• Limited access to money

Please follow this link to The Safer Portsmouth Partnership’s information regarding Domestic Abuse.

Domestic Abuse Referral Pathway

This pathway helps professionals make referrals to services for domestic abuse:

Portsmouth Referral pathway

Domestic Abuse support services in Portsmouth

Stop Domestic Abuse will:

  • support all victims aged 16+ assessed as high and medium risk,
  • deliver Up2U: Creating Healthy Relationships for anyone aged 16+ who admit to using abusive or unhealthy behaviours in their relationship and want to change
  • provide refuge support
  • support any young person aged 13 to 15 who are victims of intimate partner abuse. Any safeguarding referrals MUST continue to be sent to the MASH
  • support children who have witnessed domestic abuse and
  • provide group provision for victims

To refer please use the single point of contact by phoning 023 9206 5494 or email or Further information can be found on their website

Victim Care Service supports victims assessed at standard risk and can be contacted on 0808 1781641 or email on Further information can be found on their website

MARAC referrals for high risk victims should  be emailed to the Police MARAC team on Please ensure the victim is aware of any MARAC referral however there is no need for their consent.

See also the One Minute Guide to MARAC.

Services for Perpetrators: The Police and Crime Commissioner’s Perpetrator Support Services dashboard has a wide list of support options for perpetrators of domestic abuse.

For advice, help & support out of hours or for specific needs:

Women’s Aid has published guidance on Safety and Wellbeing advice for victims of domestic abuse and advice for friends, family, neighbours and community members. This can be found here.