Policies & Procedures


The majority of Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board policies are developed and agreed on a pan-Hampshire (‘4LSAB’) basis, so that policies are consistent across the Portsmouth, Southampton, Hampshire and Isle of Wight areas.

Safeguarding Adults Multi-Agency Policy, Guidance and Toolkit

Safeguarding Concerns GuidanceNEW! (Oct 2020)

Multi-Agency Risk Management Framework (see also One Minute Guide to the Multi-Agency Risk Management Framework)

Tools to support the Multi-Agency Risk Management Framework:

Multi-Agency Fire Safety FrameworkNEW! (May 2021)

Multi-Agency Learning and Review Framework

Multi-Agency Learning and Development Strategy for Safeguarding Adults

Guidance on Managing Allegations Against People in a Position of Trust

Escalation Protocol (see also One Minute Guide to the Escalation Protocol)

Multi-Agency Hoarding Guidance

Family Approach Protocol (see also the Family Approach toolkit for practitioners).

Modern Slavery Victim Pathway


Coming soon…

We are currently working on policies on:

  • Fire Safety Framework
  • Large Scale Enquiries
  • Safeguarding in Transition
  • Fraud and Cybercrime



Safeguarding Adults: raising a concern form

PCC Safeguarding Concern Form

Use this form for current safeguarding concerns (to be submitted to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub).