About us

Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board is a multi-agency strategic partnership that oversees and leads adult safeguarding in Portsmouth.

Our Vision

“Portsmouth is a city where adults at risk of harm are safe and empowered to make their own decisions and where safeguarding is everyone’s business”

Key Principles

The PSAB partners will safeguard the welfare of adults at risk by working together in the six key areas of the Government’s statement of policy on safeguarding -empowerment, protection, prevention, proportionality, partnership and accountability – to ensure that:

• there is a culture that does not tolerate abuse (protection)
• dignity and respect are promoted so that abuse is prevented wherever possible (prevention)
• there is active engagement with all sections of the local community so that they are well informed about safeguarding issues (partnership)
• adults at risk are supported to safeguard themselves from harm and can report any concerns they have (empowerment)
• quality commissioned, regulated and accredited services are provided by staff with the appropriate level of training (accountability)
• there is a robust outcome focused process and performance framework so that everyone is undergoing safeguarding procedures receives a consistent high quality service which is underpinned by multiagency cooperation and continuous learning (accountability)
• victims are supported to stop the abuse continuing, access the services they need, including advocacy and victim support (proportionality)
• there is improved access to justice (empowerment)

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