Board structure

Independent Chair

The PSAB has an Independent Chair whose role is to lead collaboratively and act as a spokesperson for the Board. They also offer constructive challenge and hold main partner agencies to account. We were pleased to welcome our new Independent Chair, David Goosey, who took up the role at the beginning of 2020.

Executive Group

PSAB’s core members (Portsmouth City Council, Portsmouth CCG and Hampshire Constabulary) meet regularly to provide strategic direction and to oversee the budget and risk register.


PSAB is supported in its work by a number of subgroups each with its own terms of reference. Some of these subgroups are run jointly with Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight Safeguarding Adults Boards (‘4LSAB’). Short term task and finish groups may also be set up to focus on the implementation of specific objectives or projects.

Safeguarding Adults Review subgroup – oversees Safeguarding Adults Reviews and manages the referrals process. This subgroup also works to ensure the lessons learned from Safeguarding Adults Reviews are embedded in policies and in practice.

4LSAB Quality Assurance – provides a strategic overview of the quality of safeguarding work across the four-Board area using a range of tools.

4LSAB Workforce Development – has the remit of developing, implementing and monitoring the workforce development strategy and coordinating multi-agency learning and development.

4LSAB Policy Implementation – responsible for developing and reviewing multi-agency safeguarding policies and procedures.

4LSAB Fire Safety Development Group – ensures that fire safety risk management and learning from fire fatalities/near misses is embedded into partner working practices to reduce the risk of people being killed or injured in fires. This subgroup is led by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service. For information on how to submit a case to the Fire Safety Development Group, see the Safeguarding Adults Review page here.

PSAB Structure Diagram