Physical Abuse

Types of physical abuse
• Assault, hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, hair-pulling, biting, pushing
• Rough handling
• Scalding and burning
• Physical punishments
• Inappropriate or unlawful use of restraint
• Making someone purposefully uncomfortable (e.g. opening a window and removing blankets)
• Involuntary isolation or confinement
• Misuse of medication (e.g. over-sedation)
• Forcible feeding or withholding food
• Unauthorised restraint, restricting movement (e.g. tying someone to a chair)

Possible indicators of physical abuse
• No explanation for injuries or inconsistency with the account of what happened
• Injuries are inconsistent with the person’s lifestyle
• Bruising, cuts, welts, burns and/or marks on the body or loss of hair in clumps
• Frequent injuries
• Unexplained falls
• Subdued or changed behaviour in the presence of a particular person
• Signs of malnutrition
• Failure to seek medical treatment or frequent changes of GP