Action Plan 2022-23

PRIORITY 1: Community Engagement

1.1  Establish an Engagement subgroup which includes service user representation (Chair, June 2022)

1.2  Scope existing engagement with 6 priority groups (Engagement subgroup Chair, September 2022)

1.3  Develop 3-year engagement and communication plan (Engagement subgroup Chair, March 2023)

PRIORITY 2A: Interprofessional practice / PRIORITY 2B: Relationship based practice

2.1  Establish an annual workforce strategy meeting to identify gaps in training (Quality subgroup Chair, June 2022)

2.2  Promote resources for professionals to support effective interprofessional communication, challenge and reflection (including the use of MARM) and through the facilitation of multi agency events (Principal Social Worker, September 2022)

2.3  Promote the use of MARM (Safeguarding Leads, March 2023)

2.4  Strengthen supervision by:

  1. Producing and disseminating good practice tips for supervision
  2. Scope options for a multi professional supervision forum

(Quality subgroup Chair supported by Principal Social Worker, December 2022)

2,5  Establish a Safeguarding Adults Leads Network (Board Manager, September 2022)

PRIORITY 3: Safeguarding practice

3.1  Establish a regular PSAB newsletter to include news, best practice and success stories from Portsmouth partners (Board Manager, September 2022)

3.2  Identify and share best practice via PSAB website, podcasts, and at Board meetings (Quality subgroup Chair, September 2022)

3.3  Make the subgroups more accountable to the Board, through:

  • Annual presentations from subgroup Chairs at the Board
  • Reviewing subgroup ToR
  • Developing and monitoring subgroup business plans
  • Regular meetings between Independent Chair and subgroup chairs

(Chair, September 2022)

3.4  Implement new format workshop-style Board meetings to encourage interprofessional dialogue (Chair, December 2021)

3.5  Act on the findings of reviews and audits published in 2022‑23 (Chair, March 2023)